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"May" this month bring happier times! Slowly but surely things will turn back to normal. We just have to be patient. Until then we've been busy occupying the children that are attending the center with lighter topics such as fairy tales and nursery rhymes. The school-aged children are also completing their assigned school work that was given to them from their public school teacher. Birthdays this month start with Andrew on the 1st. He will be 6. Spencer and Masen will be 3 on the 2nd of May. Harper will be 3 on the third. Erin turns double digits (that's 10) on May 4th. Harrison will be 4 on the 10th. Alyson will be 5 on May 11. Preston turn 3 on the 17th. Seamus will be 5 and JR will be 8 on the 18th. GiaVanna turns 4 on May 21. Gavin will be 7 on the 22nd. Archer turns 5 and Aiden is 7 on the 23rd of May. We have a "trifecta" on May 24 with Montana turning 3, Emma turning 4, and Harper turning 5. Sara ends our May celebrations on the 26th. She will be three. Happy Birthday to all our March students! Happy Mother's Day as well!

Cinnamon Sticks
Learning Center
600 Route 130 North
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About Cinnamon Sticks Learning Center


Cinnamon Sticks Learning Center

The staff is made up of responsible adults sensitive to the needs of the children.  The center provides juices, milk, and snacks as well as curriculum, specials throughout the school year, and clean bedding for naptime.   Parents provide a bagged lunch, backpack with clean clothes, and if applicable diapers, wipes, formula, and baby food. A hot lunch may be purchased for an additional two dollars a day at the parent request.

The children are grouped according to age. The first classroom, the nursery (a.k.a. Sweet Peas) is comprised of children ages 6 weeks to eighteen months.  The ratio for teacher to child is 1 to 4. The atmosphere in the nursery is cozy and warm allowing infants to participate in a curriculum that is geared towards their ability and interest.  They engage in various a ctivities such as finger plays, outdoor play, and many large motor skill games.  Naptime, playtime, and meal times are on an as needed basis.

The second room, Honey Buns, consists of toddlers’ ages nineteen months to thirty months old.  Ratio for teacher to child is 1 to 6.  Toddlers are introduced to colors, shapes and important social skills such as sharing, taking turns, and good table manners. The children in this class participate in whole group activities and are introduced to “Circle-time”.   When the children

show an interest in potty training they graduate to the next room; the Cinnabun room, which is comprised of children ages thirty one months to three years old. Ratio for teacher to child at this age is 1 to 10.  Besides potty training the children continue learning their shapes and colors and get introduced to numbers. 

Placement in the last three classes is similar to traditional school guidelines.  Children that are three before September 30 enter our preschool program (a.k.a. Lemondrops).  The child are introduced to a longer circle time to help them get ready for the pre-kindergarten class, and also have more activitie s to choose from to build-up their independence. Ratio for teacher to child is one to ten.  This group of children is introduced to concepts such as numbers, letters, and age-appropriate social skills. 

The pre-kindergarten class (a.k.a. Blueberries) is for students that are four years of age before September 30. The ratio of teacher to student is one to twelve.  Letters and numbers will be integrated in their lessons to help the child be familiar with concepts that are a major focus in kindergarten.  Most lessons in this class are taught in groups of five to six children allowing plenty of time for discussion in addition to increasing social skills necessary to make a smooth transition to Kindergarten.

Our Kindergarten classroom is for students five years old by September 30.  The ratio for teacher to student is one to fifteen.  Students focus on letter and sound recognition, math concepts such as geometry, measurements, and number sense, social studies topics concerning citizenship, history, and geography, and science subject manners including Earth and Space systems, matter, and life processes.


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