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"May" this month bring happier times! Slowly but surely things will turn back to normal. We just have to be patient. Until then we've been busy occupying the children that are attending the center with lighter topics such as fairy tales and nursery rhymes. The school-aged children are also completing their assigned school work that was given to them from their public school teacher. Birthdays this month start with Andrew on the 1st. He will be 6. Spencer and Masen will be 3 on the 2nd of May. Harper will be 3 on the third. Erin turns double digits (that's 10) on May 4th. Harrison will be 4 on the 10th. Alyson will be 5 on May 11. Preston turn 3 on the 17th. Seamus will be 5 and JR will be 8 on the 18th. GiaVanna turns 4 on May 21. Gavin will be 7 on the 22nd. Archer turns 5 and Aiden is 7 on the 23rd of May. We have a "trifecta" on May 24 with Montana turning 3, Emma turning 4, and Harper turning 5. Sara ends our May celebrations on the 26th. She will be three. Happy Birthday to all our March students! Happy Mother's Day as well!

Cinnamon Sticks
Learning Center
600 Route 130 North
Cinnaminson, NJ 08077
Cinnamon Sticks Parents Guide


At Cinnamon Sticks Learning Center (CSLC) we utilize a play based approach which facilitates a child’s learning through six areas of development.

  1. Personal awareness:  self help skills, independence, personal health and safety.
  2. Emotional well-being:  positive self concept, coping skills, awareness and expression of emotions
  1. Socialization:  Social interaction, cooperation, and respect for others.
  2. Communication:  receptive and expressive language, nonverbal communication and auditory discrimination.
  1. Perceptual motor skills:  eye hand coordination and loco motor skills.
  2. Cognition:  problem solving, concept formation, memory and association/classification

By following the creative play model we encourage the children to become creative and responsible individuals.  All areas of learning are interrelated and work together allowing children reach their full potential.  Play is the vehicle that best enables children to learn through active exploration of the environment in a fun and interesting way.  When children enjoy learning there is no limit to what they can accomplish



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