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School will be closed the whole month of April...April Fools! One theory behind April Fool's Day dates back to the 16th Century in France when the new year was celebrated on April 1st. The Gregorian calendar was introduced changing the celebration of the new year to January 1st. News of this change traveled slowly, so many people still celebrated the new year on April 1st. These people were deemed "April Fools" and had tricks played on them. This harassment evolved over time into a tradition of prank-playing on the first day of April. The topic for most of our classes is the garden and the creatures that live the garden. Kindergarten students will also be discussing the five senses. The pre-k will finish the alphabet this month and learn letters U-Z. Our preschoolers are learning numbers up to 25. Our toddlers are including the triangle shape and the color brown in their lessons. Happy Birthday to Anisa (1 on 4/3), Sarah (4 on 4/10), Bridget (2 on 4/11), Charlynn (8 on 4/12), CJ is 7 on 4/12, Leah is 2 and Jude is 4 on the 17th, David is 4 on the 18th, McKenzie is 4 on the 20th, Achilles is 2 on the 26th, and Miss Jade and Miss Audrey also celebrate the birthday this month! We will have a lesson about Passover on the 11th and the Easter Bunny will visit the center on the 12th.

Cinnamon Sticks
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Cinnamon Sticks Lunch Menu

We send home our monthly lunch menu to all our parents, for your convenience we have made our monthly lunch menu available on our website!

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